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Next Midnight Cruise:

Sunday, March 30 12:30am
(Night of Saturday, March 29)
Fauntleroy Ferry Terminal in West Seattle

Pact with the Devil: 12:55pm ferry to Southworth
Social Hour: 1:40am ferry to Fauntleroy

Astronomical Midnight: 2014-03-30 01:14 PST
New Moon: 2014-03-30 11:45 PST

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We are Satanists of all kinds in and around Seattle, Washington. Anyone who identifies as Satanic or is respectfully curious about Satanism is welcome to our midnight cruises.


A place to meet your fellow Satanists of all kinds, theistic and non-theistic. We discuss our varied and diverse ways of Satan, and we make our own pacts with the Devil at midnight.


We meet monthly, before the astronomical midnight, nearest the new moon. We take the ferry returning to Seattle from either Bainbridge, Bremerton or Southworth/Vashon that will be underway at astronomical midnight, and we take the ferry from Seattle or West Seattle before that. We socialize on the outbound ferry, and then on the returning ferry perform our ritual pact with the Devil on the upper deck. (Sometimes the order is reversed, depending on ferry schedules.)


We meet at the Washington State Ferry terminal, either Coleman dock/Pier 52 on the downtown Seattle waterfront, or the Fauntleroy terminal in West Seattle (depending on which ferry will be underway at astronomical midnight), and we walk onto the ferry as a group. Always check the top of this page for details on the next midnight sailing, or look for our Satanic Sailing Schedules in select locations around the Seattle area.


Because we are wicked! Hail Satan!

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